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robybang, January 22nd, 2012, 2:25 pm ( Reply )
Author's Comment: - First off, I didn't know about cosplay until I started hanging out on the internet. So to see something mentioning it that I didn't pick up when I played it as a kid was kind of funny. It's also incredibly stupid to do dress up as a Pokemon in the Pokemon universe, like dressing up as a deer and running around in the woods during hunting season.

Second, in case you don't recognize the cameo, it's SomeThomas of Some Nuzlocke. He's almost done with his White run, but I'm happy I got this out while he's still doing it.

Finally, Miller evolved a while ago, I just forgot to script it in. Since I deleted the log I kept which said when characters leveled up and evolved, I really don't know exactly when it happened, but more than likely, it happened somewhere around getting the Cascade badge, since I was leveling everyone up about equally during the time.

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